Sunday, November 17, 2013

Slow Times in Oradea

Dear family and friends,

The weather has been fairly warm, but it's thinking about getting colder. One day it'll be warm, the next there will be a biting chill but it's gone by 2:00 pm.  Rain sometimes. Not really winter-y yet but I can smell it coming.  I got my coat, and it's nice and warm.

I received the Birthday and Christmas packages! I'm not taking anything out of the Christmas one because transfers are coming up and we're suspecting I'm going to be the one leaving. Thank you for the birthday one, though, I loved all the letters from everyone! And I'm planning on using all the party stuff when it gets closer to my birthday he, he, heh.

Kaylee and Evalee are just going to be chatting monkeys in 15 months when I get home. I'll have to teach them over again how to say how much they love their (still) favorite aunt.

This week was a little off. We really didn't do a whole lot. We contacted, but no great stories to share...

Every four Mondays the branch holds a big family home evening at the church, and that was last week. I understood a lot of the jokes everyone was telling! And then this young couple came in that I didn't recognize, but the branch knew them. Apparently the girl had been in the branch while she was schooling in Romania and her husband was with her, but they're both from Spain and the husband didn't speak any Romanian. So they came and we played some games, five languages were going on (Hungarian, Romanian, English, Spanish, and Italian in one room!)

And then I noticed - the husband was wearing a shirt with a tractor on it that said, "This is how we roll in UTAH" and I was like, "Woah, I'm from Utah!" He asked me "Where?" and I said "Provo area!" and he's like, "I served my mission in Orem!" and then I'm like, wait, what?!

Apparently, only a year ago he was serving in OUR stake. How funny is that? I didn't recognize him at all, but it was really cool running into someone in a foreign country, from a different country, who knows your hometown in a whole other country! I forget his name, though. But he's from Spain.

We met with Viorica again, and we had the restoration lesson. She teared up a lot, again. It went well, it wasn't especially spiritual but it was fine.

Because of the new missionary program, I had to teach a lesson of the gospel to an investigator, but because we have so few we taught the lesson to a member pretending she was an investigator. Sora Fodor is in her 70's and she is such a cute little lady! She loves cats, she has three named Pingy, Beans, and Nacho, hahaha. She loved the idea of pretending to be an investigator, so the whole mock lesson she says silly things like "I heard you guys are polygamists," or "can I come to church with my alcohol?" hahaha. So funny.

Not much else happened, Sora Gerhartz got really sick so we stayed in all day Saturday. We rearranged the apartment, though, so everything is new and fresh. There's a lot more room there now the way we arranged it, I'm happy with that.

I don't have a lot more time, so I'll just end with NEXT WEEK WE"RE GONNA ROCK IT because we called Mihaela last night and she actually agreed to meeting with us again!!!! Woohooooo!  And we're seeing Francisca again! Her family has been out of town.

SO, this next week is going to be a lot more eventful.

Anyway, gotta run. Goodbye! Be good! Remember to read the Book of Mormon, because it's really really really really really really REALLY important!

Sora Smith

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