Sunday, March 9, 2014

Goodbyes, Transfers, and Training

Hello Family and Friends,
So, I think I need new glasses. Mine have gotten un-cleanable spots all over them, so I've stopped wearing them and I keep getting bad headaches. 

On Tuesday we visited Sora Mitin for Sora Merkley to say goodbye. She has been doing really well lately, it's amazing.

Most of the day we spent at the apartment so Sora Merkley could pack. We then meet at the church for institute, and the three girls say a sad goodbye to Sora Merkley. We lit a lantern outside and sent it off. Then we went on our way to Buch.

Victoria, Me, Amalia, Sora Merkley, and the three girls, Elida, Edina, and Damaris
Wednesday was transfer day, and we spent a big part of it with a huge group of missionaries singing outside of the mall. We sang hymns and I talked to a lot of people.  Then I went to the training meeting, and got my new companion. Her name is Sora Lee from California. That night was back on a train to Timisoara.

Me and my new companion, Sora Lee
Thursday I took Sora Lee to meet Sora Mitin. Thurs is normally the Elder's day, but I messaged them that we would take their place. They didn't get the message, though, so the four of us ended up in her cramped home reading to her.  Then, of course, I get us lost. I don't know what this glitch is in my brain, but I have a problem navigating sometimes......... my MerkleyGPS had been left in Mihai Bravu, what can I say?  We took a nap. We started the training program.

Friday we had district meeting with Elder Montoya as the DL. Later we had kid's English, but the kids would just run around and not listen, so that was a blast. Then the three girls came to institute to meet Sora Lee. I'm glad they're still coming.
Saturday I took Sora Lee contacting for the first time. She was scared to get started, but I got her to even say a full sentence to a Romanian. And we've been studying. A lot.

Sunday I got to go home to Oradea. We had district conference, and I saw everyone there, it was great. Sora Geambasu and I sang an impromptu song we had sung together a long time ago in front of everyone. I still remembered it, though.

Today we played Laser Tag. I've upped my game, because I took 3rd and I was the top on my team. Then we ate hot wings made by Elder Ormsby at the church.  So, I've always had problems sharing drinks with people... spit and germs just gross me out. But today, I am proud to say I drank out of a bottle that all the elders also drank from. . . And that is how I got mono. . . Just kidding, I hope.

I've really been struggling a lot these past couple of days, I'm sorry this message is a little less than usual.
Sora Nicole

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