Sunday, December 14, 2014

ZĂPADĂ! Stai... nu. Numai e ceață = Snow! Wait No, Only Fog.

Well, we haven't seen snow yet but other parts of the country have. It's definitely not warm, though. The warmer days are like fall but it's still pretty chilly most of the time. I'm guessing there will be snow soon, I mean, since I never saw it last year I wouldn't mind snow at all :)

The Arad Sisters and Elders

Well, we've been teaching Clara and she understands well, the only hurdle really is her family which is posing to be a pretty big hurdle.

Things with Maria are going well, she wants to be baptized no matter what.  This week we're going to see her with Sora Smith to talk about when and the details surrounding it.  She may however wait until after seeing her husband in prison, though, before deciding when.  I hope I get to see it but even if no, whenever the right time is for her is the right time.

I didn't get my package but the Elders are going down for transfers and hopefully they'll bring it up with them.
Sora Smith Senior's New Granddaughter

Kinder eggs aren't really a tradition, they're just chocolate with a toy inside from Germany that are available year-round :) David Mayhew brought some over once a long time ago, they don't sell them in America though. I love them and I collect all my toys in a jar on my study desk. The chocolate is good, too, but we all know the real reason we buy them...

This year for Skype we can really do anything. We're pretty flexible on this end so I say find a time when the whole family can be there and we'll schedule around that.

This week went pretty well, I'm going to be completely honest though I don't exactly remember everything we did this week but it went something along the lines of the past 15 months of emails. We met with people, we endured the piercing fog, ran into some wild dogs, you know. The usual stuff.

I made some pancakes from scratch after church last week
I didn't make quite enough though.

We have started to teach our convert the post baptism lessons and we are involving Cristina. President has asked her to be a member friend/guardian. I think it'll help the both of them.

We also have been taking care of members who need financial help... a lot, actually. Now that the leadership has been grabbing a handle of the branch money problems, ropes are getting tightened and so that leaves us with quite a bit of work to do :)

On Thursday we went to Oradea for an exchange. I was with Sora Merrill again and we met a guy on a bench who was so grateful for a gift of the Book of Mormon. It's been a while since someone who I gave the book to actually expressed sincere gratitude to receive such a precious thing.

We also did carol contacting. I haven't been with anyone who's wanted to sing for a while, lol my current district isn't too excited about singing but it's the Christmas season so I'm going to force them out anyway.
Here is our District Christmas Greetings Photo
Saturday we had zone conference, and it was a great one. It's got me all pumped and ready to finish this last transfer with a bang. Christmas is going to be great, too, and we have a lot of things planned but you'll just have to wait to hear about those :)
Zone Conference
President Ivory giving us a great message at Zone Conference
Our Zone Conference Dinner
Saturday evening we had the Christmas program in Oradea. It was actually a lot of fun and everyone did such a great job. It was fun learning the different Romanian carols (and even a couple in Hungarian...) and a ton of people showed up so I'd say it was a huge success.
Singing my solo in the concert
Singing in the choir at the concert
We were even filmed by a local news station

Anyway, we found out about transfers and the district is staying pretty much the same except our elders are getting a third missionary so that'll be different:)

Well, here is the start of my final transfer. I never thought I'd get to where I could say those words.

You know, it gets a little weird when you expire before the milk does...

Anyway, have a great week and may the spirit keep you warm and happy! (Although it sounds like in Utah you don't really need that) ;)

Sora Smith
Getting ready to take our Christmas photo


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