Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 4 at the MTC

Happy Birthday to Adam! They always have ice cream on Wednesdays and so even if there isn't any cake, I can celebrate his birthday here too!  By the way, I'm pretty good about remembering birthdays, but could I maybe get a calendar with people's birthdays written on them? I've been wanting to send personal cards, but Adam, you'll have to wait a couple days, sorry!  AND, happy anniversary to parinții mei! My present to you two is not bothering you for... you know... 18 months.

This week was just as good but there's not as much to report that is any different. The Romanian learning has slowed down a bit, but our teachers keep telling us that we're so much farther than they were when they were at the MTC, so apparently we're really good. We had another few investigator lessons with "Marian" (Vizante), and after one really powerful lesson he tells us that it was the best lesson he has ever sat through as an investigator, and if he were really an investigator at that point he would have accepted the entire gospel. We had another lesson with "Ion" (Fratele Frandsen, our other teacher) and he never gives us feedback, but he did after that saying what a good lesson it was. So, I guess that means we're pretty good.

My district is always inventing these games to play to improve our Romanian. I invented Romanagrams (bananagrams, but you can only spell Romanian words), and we do this one game in total gameshow style called "who wants to be a definizer?" where we try to beat each other in conjugation, and I won because I am cel mai bun. This is why my district is the best.  We find fun ways to help us learn.

On Sunday my district had some free time so we watched Jonny Lingo. There's nothing more I need to say about that. :-)

Sometimes we have some funny language mishaps, like in one of our lessons, Sora Newell says "God sent MY son to Earth to...". Also, Elder Brown was praying, he said "Va rog sa ne binecuvantez cu casitate..." (Please bless us with chastity) when he meant to say "cu caritate" (charity). Then, Elder Brundage is blessing the food and says, "Noi suntem recunoscator pentru acest mancare și ispașirea sa..." (We're thankful for this food and it's atonement..."). Yeah, I'm super excited to be in Romania.

So we have a classroom cleaning inspection every week, and last week we received a good score EXCEPT we were marked down for not dusting our bookshelf. It was clean, but we got a bad score just for that. SO this week, me made sure to thoroughly dust the shelf and we left a passive aggressive "Is this dusted enough?" note for the inspector. We get our report the next day, and we were marked as "commendable" on everything, but the overall marking says "NEEDS WORK". We were so mad until we found out that it was Elder Brundage who marked us, lol.

Elder Cooper tells me his mom reads my blog so, "Hi Sister Cooper!"
Standing is Elder Brown, then left to right is Elder Lybbert, Elder Cooper, Elder Brundage, and Elder Sookhoo

Anyway, I think that's about it. Things are pretty much the same. My district wants me to tell about how I ran into a window thinking it was a door, but I am not going to talk about that . . .  Instead, here is a picture of me and my companion Sora Newell.

It's cool how Tom was sealed by Elder McConkie's son!

I love being able to sing with Brother Eggett as the conductor here at the MTC. He's kind of a celebrity at the MTC.  ALL the sisters and elders want to talk to him and get his signature, but he knows me since I was in his LDC Choir and everyone wants to know why he knows me, lol. He called me out in the middle of choir once, I was super famous.
Here is one more picture of the Sisters in my District.  They are all going to Italy except for my companion and me.

Voi iubesc! Fi-va bine, toate ziua buna ziua!

Sora Smith

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