Monday, December 16, 2013

Costco Does Not Exist in Romania, Neither Does Ranch Dressing Apparently

Hello all,

Sad news: some of our English students told us that it doesn't usually snow in Craiova until late January. No White Christmas this year. Just cold. Cold Christmas. But we found this really tasty hot chocolate, so it will be okay.

Still don't know about the Christmas Skyping, we're not coordinated as a district, haha. But I'll be able to call you... this week! And figure out the details then!

I actually already knew that Evalee was calling me and what she said.  I received her call. :-)

But that will be a lot of fun if her and Kaylee can be there for at least part of the Skyping!

Thing is, it may actually just end up being a phone call, depending on how well the Internet works wherever I end up going to Skype. These Internet Cafe's are... well, if we Skype, you'll see.

Not a whole lot happened this week. We've been contacting, having English classes...

We still don't have anyone to teach, but we're getting a lot of potentials. And we've also been doing a lot of less-active searching, because this Branch is in need of it. The Spooners went back to America for Christmas and won't be back until January, so now it's the Radulescus and us missionaries.

On Wednesday we tried hot cocoa contacting, where we put up a lot of signs that read "Want to know
more about Mormons? Come to (address) for free hot chocolate!" and we spent the whole day in the church with hot cocoa waiting for people to come. ...Let's just say we won't be doing that way of contacting again.

On Saturday I ended up getting a little sick. We had our English class as normal, and then I slept off most of the rest of the day. Sometimes when you're working really hard, it's nice to have that day.

Then, because we don't have anyone in our Branch, I gave a talk. I'm going to be honest... I mostly just used the notes from the last talk I gave in Oradea.... BUT! I was sick the day before, so I feel like it's okay. I'll have plenty more chances to give talks this transfer.

Mom, I know what you're going to say. . .  So, Sora Spooner is our pianist, but she's back in America. Meaning... I am now the pianist.  
Cue the "I told you so" :-)   

I've just been doing right hand, and I'm actually pretty good at just one hand.  Christmas songs are hard though. Thing is, since Sora Ralls and I are really the only women there, brother Radulescu wants to use a recording so I can sing, too.

I can't sing and piano at the same time. Dodged that bullet. Thank you, technology.

And then we're to today. We found a grocery store that sells American stuff. IT WAS JUST LIKE COSTCO! It felt just like Costco! They had Gatorade. It was like stepping into America for a little. I could spend the whole day there. We almost did. But instead we spent the rest of our p-day being locked out of our apartment.

Again!   . . . This time the landlord came over to unlock it.
. . . After three hours.

Anyway, that was my week. We'll have someone to teach this week for sure! Two people! Four!

I'm still studying Jesus the Christ. No surprise there. It's only, what, 700 pages? But it really is amazing. You can know the gospel and what's important without reading it, but after reading it everything is all the more... I dunno. More. It's amazing. I think I'm more amazed that I can actually understand it. Some sentences I have to read three times before I get it.  Good book!

I was feeling pretty homesick this week, but after reading from everyone I do feel a lot better. To be honest, I'm a little concerned that I'm still feeling as homesick as I am. I think it partly has to do with the fact I'm not really working with people yet, or that it's the Christmas Season, I dunno. I decided to give myself until mid-January to see if it really is a problem or not.

Can you believe that I'll only have a year left on January 24th? What's also weird is that I am spending two Christmases out here when, this week, five elders are leaving only having spent one Christmas from home. I'm spending more Christmases on a mission than these elders! Did I already tell you that? I don't remember.

Anyway, one of these weeks I'm going to write home saying I have seven investigators and one ready to be baptized.

That will be awesome.
Sora Smith

P.S.  I almost forgot again.  Please thank Grandma and Grandpa for the Birthday and Christmas Money.  I haven't decided what I am going to spend it on yet, but I appreciate it very much!

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