Monday, December 23, 2013

Craciun Fericit, si la Multi Ani!

I feel like there's so much to write! I mean, there is, but I feel like I won't be able to type nearly everything I want to say!
Wow, missionary life is crazy. 
 I wanted to take my planner with me today so I could have a reminder of whatever I did the past couple of weeks, but it seems I forgot that, so I'll just write what I remember (which, for some reason, really isn't a lot.)

So! To business. *Ahem*

WE HAD A LESSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Craiova's first ever sister lesson, woo!  They were two young girls studying to be nurses from our English classes. They came up to us after English one day and said, "Do you have Facebook?"

Well, technically the answer is yes, but really no while we are on our missions. And then we started teaching them! We're doing the same 30/30 thing where it's half English, half the gospel. We already gave them the restoration and hope to see them again, soon. They're so cool! Too bad they're going to England in a year or two to finish nursing school...

Speaking of English and drunk people, I learned something new last week. Did you know that the Titanic wasn't sunk by an iceburg? It actually was a tornado, apparently.  We were role-playing in our English class, and it kind of goes like this:

Me: 911, what's your emergency?
Drunk Guy: Some of the Americans... they say it was iceburg. But I know... it was the Titanic... because of the tornado.
Me: Uh, and where are you located?
*minute pause*
Drunk Guy: You have my answer.


So, my family already knows this, but for the rest of you, the Sunday before Christmas my district
traveled to Bucharest so we could Skype our families. There was another drunk man on the train that followed us to first class and tried giving us a $100 bill. Woah, American money. Haven't seen that in a while.

We Skyped, it was a lot of fun, but the first 45 minutes were extremely lame because I didn't have a camera or a microphone to talk to my family. I could see and hear them, but I had to communicate through typing like I was some sort of computer.  CLACK, CLACK, CLACK. 110010 100110 010010 110100

But later I finally got access to another computer. Yay!  That was extremely weird, because it feels like I haven't missed a day. Well, actually, maybe it felt like a missed a couple of days. A week tops.

So we leave Bucharest and we're back in Craiova in time for Christmas!  Christmas Eve, we didn't actually do much because we didn't get home until late, so we settled with drinking cocoa and getting all snuggled up in warm blankets for Christmas the next morning.  And guess what? It was a White Christmas!

...because fog is white, right? Yeah, still no snow. We actually asked a taxi driver where the snow was, and he's like, "I dunno, it should be here by now." Then we asked him where the sun was. He just laughed. 

Anyway, Christmas. We opened our gifts, and I really appreciate the little things ha, ha. It was a lot of fun just tearing the paper up and seeing... foam puppets? (I've already made six).

Then we went to the church to meet the elders for breakfast and a gift exchange. We all put our nametags in a hat and drew secret santas. I got Elder DeGraw this really good smelling cologne spray I found in Buch, and he also got my name so he got me this book in Romanian called "Journal of a Hamster." It's so funny.

Sora Ralls also surprised me with a gift, she got the elders to buy me some super hero action figures, Spidey, Batman, and Superman. The elders and I play with them all of the time now and Sora Ralls is a little weirded out. I mean, she did buy them for me... lol.  I also prepared a gift for her, too. There is one skirt that she loves of mine that I've let her wear a few times, I figured she'd appreciate it a lot more than I do, so I gave it to her.  YAY for Christmas! 

We had breakfast (I made pancakes and Elder DeGraw made cinnamon rolls) and then we went to the only members to sing carols for them. They ended up inviting us in and we spent practically the whole day singing carols with them. It was so much fun. They also fed us some Romanian treats like Cozonac (chocolate-swirl bread). 

Do you know what this means? We spent Christmas at a member's house! This doesn't happen in Romania! Ha, ha, it was so much fun!  Then we left, and it was time for dinner. Since stores were closed and we had nothing ready, Christmas dinner was at, wait for iiiiiit.......


Haha, it was actually really fun. We just got a ton of junk and ate until we were stuffed.
Merry Christmas.

We ended the night with more cocoa and reading out of Luke.

Not much has happened since. More contacting, we've been doing a lot of hospital contacting lately where we go and sing for hospital patients and their families. That's been nice.

Romania's a little different whereas Christmas still lasts after Christmas, it doesn't just all end after December 25th.

We taught Sunday school yesterday, it was about families and we were reading through the Family: Proclamation when a random guy walks in halfway through the lesson. After someone read a selected paragraph, the guy decides to read the rest of the proclamation for us, he gets up, talks for a minute, and boom. He's gone. Thanks for finishing our lesson, random Romanian.

Oh, guess what? Two days ago we saw the SUN!!!! It was out! We hadn't seen it for days! It was so bright and warm, and there was no fog! Craiova is so foggy, most days you can't see 20 feet in front of you. So, when the sun actually came out for the first time in weeks, we just stood in the warmth for seriously 20 minutes. It was amazing. Haven't seen it since.

So yeah, that's a little of what's been happening. We get transfer boards this week, can you believe that? We're suspecting Sora Ralls will be leaving and I'm going to stay and TRAIN. Hah, we'll see.

Oooh, and we still get to see two movies for Christmas and New Year's. We're going to see Frozen soon... I'm excited.

Sora Nicole

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