Monday, January 13, 2014


Hi all,
Sorry this week, I don't have a whole lot of time! 
Just a quick question/answer this week, maybe I'll have more time later.

To answer your question:  McDonalds here is just like it is in America. Not romanianized, same old burgers and fries.

My new companion is so amazing. Sora Merkley's from Vernal, UT. Super down-to-earth and we get along great. 
Sora Merkley, Me, and a Member of the Branch
Our district is great, the elders are Elder Morby, Montoya, Stinson, and Bliss, and we have a senior couple, the Hunts. 
The Hunts
We have so many lessons in Timisoara! There are 16 investigators! All ones I didn't find myself! And we hardly ever go contacting, there are so many lessons here. Haha,  We're starting English Classes in a couple of weeks.
Meeting some members of the branch
Timisoara is a very different mission area than what I've ever known. I love it here.  The city is beautiful, I've missed the west. It's structurally pleasing rather than Craiova where all the buildings are gray, haha. 

The weather's warm, actually today I could have gotten by with only a sweater. Where's the snow? No clue. 
Language is coming, it's better to practice it now with these lessons we are finally able to teach. I'm saying things more than "Hi, we're missionaries and we-- oh, okay, have a good day." lol. 
The scriptures are great. Romania is cool. And I'm sorry it's so short today, next week I should be able to give you more information!

Have a good week!

Sora Smith

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