Monday, January 6, 2014

La mulţi ani şi sanatate, blah blah blah nu pot să vorbesc în limba Română!

Transfers are happening this week on Wednesday. I'm going to . . . (wait for iiiiiit): Timişoara with Sora Merkley! What's strange is that, even though we opened this city, both Sora Ralls and I are leaving Craiova and going to another city while Sora Newell and a trainee are being whitewashed here. Well, they now have a few people to work with, so that will be good!

Sora Merkley

We've been able to meet with the two nursing students again. We just had a small lesson about prophets and how this church is the same that Christ established, and they seemed to accept that well. They are so great, they want to keep meeting and even go hospital contacting with us. The sad thing is we're leaving. What a bummer. But we told them all about the next missionaries coming in and we're planning on setting up a lesson for Sora Newell with these girls, so that's good.

We got to watch two movies for the holidays, so we decided to watch "A Goofy Movie" on January 1st. I found that movie dubbed in Romanian, and since it's one of my favorites, I just had to get it... but we watched it in English anyway, hahaha.  The next day we watched "Frozen" with our district. It was so good! And we actually watched it in Romanian. I was proud of myself - I understood the whole movie! And the songs were so beautiful - I don't know how they are in English, but in Romanian they were amazing. I'm going to come home and see it in English and be like, "Hey, this isn't the same movie!"

Yes, I was able to see the family videos that you sent and download the music. Yay, I have music that isn't Christmas music again!  Thanks Jeff and Adam!

I loved the Christmas gifts. They were perfect.  It was a perfect Christmas!

We went to the hospital again a few times. I love hospital contacting because they really love us being there, too. We also have gotten quite a few numbers and people telling us how much they want to come to church. I guess when you're out there serving people, they tend to think your message must be pretty good.

Hospital in Craiova

New Years was amazing. We wanted to eat out, but everywhere was closed so we ended up at MCDONALDS again, yay! But then my district went to the roof of our apartment and played games until midnight, (we got permission to stay up). We also ended up tying a thread to my superman action figure's ankle and bungee jumping him from the seventh story. It was awesome.  Then we went on the roof and watched as Romania lit up in fireworks. It was like we were in the middle of a giant firework show, 8 stories up in the air. Everyone was setting off tons of fireworks, it was the best firework show I've ever seen. That, and I celebrated 9 hours before you. Best New Years ever.

Anyway, that's about it. This next transfer is exciting, Timişoara (Timmy-shwara) ;) is a really big city, and there will be 8 missionaries there instead of 4. And, apparently there are a lot of lessons going on over there, so I'll be really busy this next transfer! (AND maybe I'll see a baptism... what?)!

Sora Nicole Smith

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  1. Timisoara was Elder O's first area. The H's are the senior missionaries there. See Elder O's blog for a link to the H's blog and Elder O's letters from January through April 2013 for pics and stories about Timisoara. Sora Smith will love the area.