Sunday, February 9, 2014

Errybody in Timi gettin' Baptized!

Well, I guess winter only lasted a week here in Timi. It's warm and sunny outside, and the snow is almost melted. Still pretty snowy over in Buch, but hey, I'm not in Buch so there's nothing to worry about. I don't know if there will be more snow or not, or if there will just be an early spring.

Gypsy mansion across the street from the church

This week was crazy. As in I have a welt the size of a quarter in the shape of a cross-crazy. Let me start from the beginning.

So we had English classes on Tuesday like usual, but Sora Momo and I were in charge of the spiritual thought. We decided to pull out the over-used atonement lesson where we get a bag of candy and say, "Who wants one?" and make Elder Montoya do 10 pushups for every piece of candy we give to someone, whether they want it or not. It went really well this week, because the pushups started getting hard for Elder Montoya and the students started saying "Stop! Don't make him do anymore!" and even some students got down to work for their own candy. I still made Elder Montoya do the 10 pushups, because I told them that that was the only price I'd accept. Everyone was arguing and getting frustrated, until we said that this was exemplifying the atonement, and the whole room became quiet. We talked about how Christ paid the price for each one of us, whether we accept His payment or not, and it is the only way by which we can receive the joy we desire. So yeah, it was a great demonstration.

Our District

We've also been able to have lesson with the three girls. They love hanging out with us and playing at the church, so it was nice to be able to sit down with them and talk about the Word of Wisdom and Chastity. So after the lesson, we talked about the b-word, baptism. They all had a temporary baptismal date before, but something happened so we were bringing up the subject again. Then the oldest one, Damaris, says that their parents say they aren't old enough to make a big decision like that until they are 18. That means 2-4 years from now. But that they all really want to get baptized.  What's funny is that it's always about waiting for the people who are ready, and even then there's still so much in the way. In 2-4 years, though, Timi's going to see some great changes. So we're holding out on that. We're still connecting and meeting and having lessons with the girls. They'll get in the font soon, I hope. Lol.

Sora Momo and I are getting sad because it's almost the end of the transfer. We're having way too much fun serving together. So it's going way too fast.

Friday we had institute and I finally learned how to bridge a deck of cards. (We played after lessons).  Looks like I'm going into being a pro dealer when I get home. Watch out, Vegas. 

Saturday we had a ping-pong tournament at the church with us missionaries and a few investigators. I came in fifth... and Elder Hunt won so we gave him the trophy we made. The trophy was a cardboard and tape ping pong paddle made by Elder Montoya and painted purple with a little yellow crown by us. Ha,ha, it was cute. And that lasted pretty much all day.  Then we went out to get Shaorma with the elders. Thing is, running on an empty stomach and then eating Shaorma doesn't really work for me. Because then I got really sick and my stomach was on fire. No more Shaorma. At least for a really, really long time, lol. 

Sunday we had church, we fasted, we planned our week ...

And then MONDAY we went to Arad for pday to go paintballing with the missionaries over there. It was so much fun! And that's where my welt came from. Right on my side. Hurts like heck but it was so worth it.   It probably sounds like we play all day and don't do a whole lot of work. Believe me, in between all these events, we ARE doing actual missionary stuff. Contacting. Lessons. The works.

Our return trip from playing paintball, my hair is full of paint

Dar, hai să fim onest, în realitate, noi jucăm toată ziua bună ziua.  Suntem misionare bune!! Eu vă promit!  (Rough translation =  But let's be honest, in reality, we try to make our work fun and every day a good one, while we are striving to be good missionaries! I promise you! 

I should probably add something spiritual so please remember to pray.  Prayer is a very important thing. Pray all day every day.

Have a good week!
Se poate!

P.S. - Today a kid stopped us in centru and gave us flowers because we're beautiful.  So sweet!

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