Monday, February 10, 2014

I Have Found My Calling . . . hairdressing. I'm just kidding. I'll get to that in a minute.

I can't believe this transfer is almost over. As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun, and Sora Momo and I are definitely having fun here in Timisoara. It's too bad that, since 9 sister are coming in, we'll most likely be saying goodbye because we'll both be needed to train. I wouldn't mind staying with her... for the rest of my mission, ha, ha. Who knows. Maybe we'll stay together. Maybe we'll get each other again later. Whatever happens, we'll make this last week count.
This week was same old, same old. As in, it's become same old for things to be crazy all over.

On Tuesday we went to read to Sora Mitin. I don't remember if I told you about her. She's an old member whose husband brought another woman home one day and said, "This is how things are going to be," because Sora M was diagnosed with cancer and told she'd live only one more year. She took her kids and left him, and suffered through the cancer on her own. And that was 42 years ago.  Now she's a little worse for wear, and she's become blind so us missionaries take turns going to her house to read to her out of the BOM or Bible every day. Tuesday is our day, and while we were there she asks us to find something. She doesn't know where it is because she's blind, we don't know what we're looking for, so we spend 20 minutes playing a game of "No, that's not it. Look in the other drawer." "No, we can't find it...". It was so funny, she was laughing the whole time. "It's so easy!" Then we found it. It was her phone bill. She wanted us to run to the store and pay it for her so she can call people again. Haha, I love Sora Mitin very much.

It was also Elder Bliss's birthday the day before, and Sora Momo and I were in charge of refreshments for FHE so we baked him a cake. We got all of the missionaries to put on those hats you sent me, and we put up the sign, and had a little celebration for him. He seemed very pleased.

There's one guy who comes to English class named Vlad who told me he wants to be my manager and we'll become famous together. I told him deal if we split the earnings 30/60/10 (the extra 10 going to Sora Momo for being my backup dancer). So now we just sign the contract, and I'll be Romania's next top star. Be ready. :-)  Vlad's really funny.

On Wednesday we went street contacting with the Elders. There was this one stray dog with a crooked spine and it practically kept running into the wall when it tried to walk. It was sad, but funny, so I whistled to the dog, and next thing we know, WE CAN'T GET RID OF HIM. We literally would hide behind corners to lose him. He found us. Every time. We'd cross the road really quickly and lose him. Twenty seconds later, we hear the *pit pat, pit pat* again.  That was the only friend we made contacting that day. I've learned my lesson. No more whistling at stray dogs.

Not a whole lot happened Thursday. We had district meeting like usual, but Elder Stinson shared this one devotional given at Rick's College by Hyrum W. Smith about why the restoration had to happen in 1820. Here's a link to the audio recording, it's really interesting and worth a family home evening or something:

We've also been practicing a song with Elder Montoya and Elder Morby to sing in sacrament meeting next Sunday, "If you could Hie to Kolob." It'll be great.

On Friday we had interviews. President and Sora Hill came up to Timi where the weather is nice and clear and warm. Apparently in Buch it's snowy and depressing. I love being in Timi. It's Spring here while in Buch and Constanta and even Craiova it's still snowy winter. I wish winter always lasted one week.  Anyway, after interviews we had yummy taco soup together, and then played laser tag with the Assistants and the Hunts. It was so intense, but I got 6th place! ...out of 10.

Entering to Play Laser Tag with the AP's
After the Game

Something Sora Merkley and I did after comp study a couple of days ago. We made district chains. They're paper people chains, but we colored them to look like us. And we're stinkin cute.  Sora Hill saw these, and she's like, "Oh my gosh they're so cute! They look just like you! Oh my gosh, it's our kids!" 

 Nothing happened on Saturday.

Sunday had a nice surprise when I walked in and saw some members from Oradea there to greet me. It was District Conference and the District Presidency is in Oradea. I loved to see President Geambasu and Fratele Blaga again. We also were banished third hour to the primary room,  but I didn't mind. I like it better in there. There's snacks and toys.

So, Sora Merkley has really long red hair, but she's been wanting to get it cut because her ends are damaged and she wants it healthy again. So, Elder Montoya graciously offered to cut it for her. We asked him, "Have you ever cut a girl's hair before?" and he says, "yes."  Well, let's just say that even with my limited knowledge in hair cutting, I had to take over.  Elder Montoya and his comp had a dinner date with the other elders, anyway. So I kicked him out and finished the haircut.  But I must say, I'm pretty proud of my first ever haircut. It's even a fancy a-line with layers and everything. (Don't look Jess, or you'll have a heart attack. Don't forget, I'm not professional). 
Before the hair cut

During the hair cut

After the haircut

And then today. We had to thoroughly clean our apartment for the end of transfers. Lesson for life: cleaning thoroughly is really easy if you keep things clean all the time, anyway. We cleaned it top to bottom in a really short amount of time. It was awesome. High-five to us.  Here are some photos of our apartment. We had to take pics to send in to prove that it was clean, so today is your lucky day, lol.

Our famous staircase
So that's how this week went. We weren't able to get any lessons, every one we scheduled ended up being cancelled within 30 minutes before the lesson. But hey, there are ups and downs, so we're just getting the down out of the way for whoever is in Timi next.

Or so I tell myself. Have a great week!

Sora Smith

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