Monday, May 12, 2014

Errybody in . . . Arad Gettin Baptized?

Well, as you (my family) already know, I'm leaving the beautiful city of Timisoara to go to the... other city that is slightly less beautiful called Arad.

A photo of Arad

I'm sad to have to go, I'm going to miss the three girls and the members and everything. But it's also really refreshing to get a new start somewhere else. So this will be the new start transfer.  Here are some final photos from Timisoara:

Piaţa Unirii, where the Romanian Revolution began
More of Piaţa Uniri
Piaţa Unirii
Piaţa Unirii
Gypsy House in Timi.  We live in the Gypsy section of town.
Cool Building near Victory Square

Our Church in Timisoara

This week kind of whizzed by with all the excitement with transfers and Skyping and everything. We celebrated Cinco De Mayo on Monday by making Tacos for everyone.

Tacos don't taste quite the same in Romania

It was a normal week of normalcy, we had our final English classes and we had a decent turnout our last day when we practiced job interviews.

Me and Andreea, one of my English students
Amalia, another one of my English Students

Elder Morby and I finished our 15 game deal.... and... I lost. All 15 games. I got so close at the last one, though, it's not even funny! I led him practically the entire game, and then I get to 19 and..... he wins the bet. Vegemite sandwich. I'm stalling as long as I can, I want to live at least a little longer.

Final Family Home Evening in Timisoara

Saturday we also had a bowling activity for Edina's birthday, which actually isn't until the 28th but since the Hunts (and I) were leaving we celebrated on Saturday.

Edina's Birthday
Celebration of a good roll!
Not so good!
Our Bowling Group

On Sunday after church we had a big welcome meal for the Alstons provided by the Relief Society. It was all really good, homemade Romanian dishes and sweets. The whole branch is so great, I am going to miss them all.

Dinner at the church for the Alstons
Romanian Food at the Relief Society Dinner
Sora Negriu, sweetest lady ever!
Sora Gabi, the Relief Society President,
amazing cook and a great person!

We also met with Sora Nedelcu who is the first member in Timisoara to be baptized. She speaks maybe 20 decibels too loud, maybe 20 miles too fast. But you can't help but love her.  And then I got to Skype home!
Anyway, today I ended up buying a ukulele.... lol. I plan on using it in Arad for... lol, "contacting" purposes :) It was cheap and I'm like, eh why not. Today we're going to go bicycling with the three girls, we're renting bikes, I'll get to feel like an American missionary for a day!

Farewell to my current district!

Anyway, I still have a lot of packing and stuff to do, so I'll write to you next week when I'm in ARAD.  Here are some random final pictures from Timi:

Safari jeep, just for Lara. (Notice how there's a giraffe on the side)
Place with good ice cream
Toilet Paper in Romania is colored
The sidewalks in Romania. 
Just kidding, there is construction going on,
but the sidewalks here are a little lumpy
Strange bugs in Timisoara

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