Monday, May 5, 2014

Missionary Poem Day!

Hello family and friends,

When teaching primary it's in Romanian, the kids don't know any English. I'm glad I can speak the language though, or else I would have missed our little girl saying "There will be NO laughing. Anyone who laughs even a little goes to the corner."  Naturally, I laughed but since I taught the lesson I didn't have to go to the corner.

This is our new Mission Couple the Alstons
and Brother Alston is our new Branch President
It's been raining pretty much daily this week. You'll wake up and there are no clouds, but by noon it's pouring. Not as crazy as Utah's weather, though.

View of Timisoara from our Window
I'm SO mad the Scera is doing Les Mis without me!!! AND Seven Brides! Nooooo! But congrats to them for making it in! If this helps with any decision making, I had a lot of fun being ensemble in Les Mis. It was mostly the people I got to make friends with though, so use good judgement :)
When we go Visiting Teaching, the sisters in the branch often feed us
This is a Romanian dish with chicken, pork, and rice with sausage, peppers and onions

This week not too much happened so I'm taking a page out of my companion's book and writing my email in poem-form:


English classes, not much happened.
Toilet broken, plumber came in.
Always raining, not complaining.
And I'm still in Timi, training.

Don't remember, visit members...
Wilson Kneeshaw um... September.
Nark reports in. I still can't win
against Morby's ping pong'in.

Sunday fasting, my brain crashing.
Fifth of may, taco par-TAY!
Elders are dumb, love everyone
and now this week is DONE!

-Sora Smith

P.S. Next week I'll know what's going on next transfer. Can't wait to Skype!

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