Thursday, June 26, 2014

Amazing Grace, Romanian-American Gospel Music Style (se poate asa ceva?!)

Hi all,


To answer your question, yes I've been getting some cooler clothes but it's been like, a shirt here, a skirt there, and then we're out of time on p-day so it's a monthly process :)

Yes, I also sang "And So It Goes" while playing for the Hills, I actually heard some other missionaries joining in too so that was cool.

President and Sora Hill at Our Last Zone Conference

We actually just found out about transfers, it seems like this time it kind of just sneaked up on me. But not much is changing. Actually, nothing is changing. Our entire district is staying exactly the same.

Anyway, this week nothing happened. I got some bad congestion in my sinuses and it ended up causing me hearing problems, and this led to being really sick Tuesday-Thursday, we ended up staying in. It was the worst- it completely knocked me out. But that got all healed over and we were back to work Friday.

We had district meeting, contacted, and we had been organizing another youth activity but everyone (including our elders... *cough*) ended up bailing and it was cancelled. The most frustrating thing about that is we're not able to retain that great spirit that the youth felt last time we had an activity. It just all seems kind of like a hit or miss.

Saturday we found out about transfers, had English classes, cleaned the church (by ourselves because the elders bailed... *cough*) and there was an American Jazz music festival we went to with our English student, Ioana. It was awesome, there was a gospel choir, although... they were Romanians singing American gospel music. They were good but you can imagine it was a little strange :) and there was a big band with one of the funniest conductors I have ever watched. I can't even explain it without being in person.

Sunday I gave a talk about the importance of the mission of the atonement of Jesus Christ. I decided for this talk to try something I haven't tried before, which is just to write down the points I want to get across and scriptures to read and talk off the top of my head, not reading anything, in Romanian. I was really nervous, but it actually turned out okay. I probably made more grammar mistakes than I would have if I had actually written out the whole thing, but eh. I was understood, so it was all good.

That was this week. The atonement is really important. Nasty sicknesses are no fun. We're all in this missionary work together. And I love nightly snack runs and getting $20 worth of junk food for only like $5, thank you Romania.

Have a safe week, nobody get sick or married, and I'll write again next week hopefully having done more than sit in my apartment...

Sora Nicalled to Serve

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