Sunday, June 22, 2014

Searching Out Inactives and Last Zone Conference With the Hills

Hi All,

In answer to your questions:  Romanians at least have a Fathers Day, but it's not like in America. On the calendar there's a day marked "Day of Mothers" and "Day of Fathers" and even a "Children's Day" but they're not extremely well observed, at least in the western part of Romania. But Father's Day was back in May........ but Happy Fathers Day anyway to the best dad ever!! I've just been celebrating for a month, that's all.

I heard a past coworker is going to hang out with Lara and Dave at their new apartment, lol. Have fun with JD, he's really cool but you already knew that.

I'm sorry that there's not a whole lot of time this week, so I'll have to brief over the events real quick. The weather has been REALLY hot. Today is the first day it's been slightly cool, and that's only from the storm blowing in that will blow out soon... then it'll be more hot.

View from Bridge in Arad

We've been doing a lot of less active finding, and we've learned that there are a LOT of LA's that are on our branch list that no longer live in Romania...... here's what happened. A couple of years ago our mission requested someone's records from church headquarters, and basically HQ said they can't send any names unless they send all of the names processing from Romania, in other words people that moved away but their records aren't where they are currently. So we were sent 700 records of people who no longer live here in Romania. We've been sifting through this list and finding who is here and who isn't... it's been very monotonous. And frustrating because we walk hours in the hot sun to find no one lives in their apartments anymore... well, someone has to do the work.

Elders in our District

We also had zone conference this week. It was one of the better ones :) It was also sad because it's the last one we'll have with the Hills... I played Sora Hill "And So It Goes" on the piano, she told me a few transfers ago it was one of her favorite songs, so I thought it was appropriate :)

Last Zone Conference with President and Sora Hill,
we will really miss them!

Cristina came to church again, and we also had an investigator from English, Ioana! She's 17 or 18, and she speaks English very well and we're hoping to have a real lesson with her this week, but she came to church and stayed! So it was an exciting Sunday.

That's all I have time for, but really that's also all that really happened. Have a good week... and be safe and stuff :)

Sora swimming-in-my-own-sweat Smith...

Picture of Lipova
The Lipova Area
Picture of me taken at the Ruined Castle in Lipova
This picture with me wearing weird clothes...
haha, there was a lot of old sister clothes in our apartment
so I took the liberty of dressing in them

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