Monday, July 14, 2014

Week of Bungs!

Dear Family and Friends,

Yeah I got to meet the Ivorys!  Sora Ivory told me that from what info was left behind, we are the #1 district in the mission. More about meeting the Ivorys later.

I have been feeling a lot better about things lately. One thing that is really nice is that at the end of last transfer, Elder Myler had us all write down something we liked about everyone in our district, and I kept those papers of what my district said about me. Every single one of them said I was positive, happy, and a hard worker. I was really grateful to re-read those.  Sora O also told me that I am one of the hardest working missionaries she's ever worked with.  Thank you for those scriptures, they really helped.

I loved the pictures from Les Mis! They are great, Adam looks way different with a beard :) Jeff looks normal, lol. Haha, that was weird when you said Katie Erickson because it's still hard for me to think of her with a different last name... I hardly recognized her in the photo. I noticed Carson Davies and Miss Kate in the background of one of the photos. Also I know Allen (if i remember his name right), the guy standing left of Adam in the cast shot, he is so nice! That is great news about Cosette's mission.

Anyway, this week was pretty uneventful until the end. Normal things happened, contacting, we tried to get a lot of lessons in but we got bunged a lot... like, a lot, a lot. Like, every lesson we set up, but one. But hey, that one went really well so I'm not complaining, a lot a lot.  We also sort of got bunged by our sister training leaders... lol. We thought we were having exchanges on Wednesday but when we called them Tuesday evening to check when they were getting in, they were like "Oops, exchanges are next week..." lol.

Well, when it rains, it stops just long enough for you to leave your umbrella at home and then the sky's like, "Psych! Here's some more rain." (true story) :D  Yeah, it's been rainy. It's kind of more unpredictable than Utah (se poate asa ceva?!? is such a thing possible?!?) You look outside one day, blue skies, not a cloud. You hold English for an hour, outside it's pouring buckets. You walk home in the rain in time for it to stop again by the time you reach your front door. Haha, I actually started leaving a spare umbrella at the church.  The bright side is now I know what to expect. It's always exactly what doesn't make sense.

Our investigator Daniel did take us to his Uncle's Farm.  Here are a few pictures from our visit there.

We've been doing carol contacting, and it's been super awesome. People let us in. Every. Single. Time. I have never been let in so easily before. Even if we don't see eye to eye later, or they don't accept anything we have to offer, hey, WE GOT IN and we left them with a spiritual experience! So I don't know why I never tried this before!
...we only had time to do that once this week, so no really cool story or contact from it. But this week we'll do it more.
Playing the piano for a church meeting

I'm so, so, so sorry, I really want to talk a lot about the zone conference and how awesome it was, but I really have NO TIME left, but know it was really awesome, the Ivorys are awesome!  I'm super excited for the work to come, and don't let me forget to tell you about it because I want to, I just ran out of tiiiiiiiiiime!

Okay I have to go. Be safe. Read holy books. I love you all.
Sora Smith

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