Monday, July 28, 2014

Păianjeni... vă urăsc...

Title Translation:  Spiders . . . I hate you!!

Hi all,

To answer your question: Last week I sent a picture and video of a music group which was called C Project or J Project or something like that. This sort of thing happens all around Arad, some random aspiring group will just set up in some park and play a free concert.

The "Les Miserables" Web Album was awesome! Ahhhh, it was just like I was watching the show. I could actually hear the music, haha. I think I'll watch it again in a minute. It looks well done, some of the pics with the Thenardiers look perfect, haha. And I recognize a few of the people, Fantine looks super familiar but I can't place her... Jeff and Adam look great!  Thanks for sharing that with me, haha :)

On Monday we went to one of the Elder's investigator's place with Elder P and B. His name is Emil, and he knows English very well. We watched a video about Jesus called "Jesus." It was good, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. It didn't quote the Bible at all, and it wasn't entirely accurate. But there were some good points in it. Although, later we hear from Emil that he only hangs around us because we're American and he's not too interested in our church at all. Oh well.

Thursday we had a branch activity about family history. We talked about it and showed off and it went really well, although there were only 3 members, but we did have like ten investigators so that was cool. An investigator of Elders B and M brought his teenage kids and they were all super interested in the family history idea, more so than any of the adults.

Speaking of which, I went on to familysearch and Grandma Smith and her side went missing completely :) I fixed the problem, but it was kind of sad when she disappeared. Another funny story, I was playing around on familysearch, I got all the way back to Adam. Not even kidding. Actually, more like I got to Methuselah but you can infer the rest from there. ♪♫Family history, I am doing it...♪♫

Anyway. We were able to meet with a few people, but for the most part nothing big happened. We weren't able to sit and meet with Ioana to talk more about baptism, we're hoping this week. But she  and Cristina came to church so that was exciting.

A spider must have been crawling around my face last night, I woke up with my brow swelling over my eyelid from two little bites. It's super dumb and hurts pretty bad. It's also been super hot. The last weeks of July are when it gets the hottest in Romania and it stays that way until the end of August... :p I hope I can survive...

Train Station in Arad

Sorry this email's a bit shorter, I hope to have some super exciting news for next week :) If we still had the Hills, we'd find out about transfers this coming Saturday, but we don't so no one has a clue when we find out. Transfers are August 6th, so they're coming up. Elder Baielli says he thinks I'm going to train. Again. Elders P and M will be dying (going home) at the end of this transfer, so we'll be getting new Elders for sure.

Anyway, that's about it. Everyone have a good week, be safe, and go onto familysearch and try to get down to Adam.

Sora Smith

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