Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Castles, Crazy, Cats and . . . Coming Three Week Cramming!

Hello Family and Friends,
Sorry today is going to have to be super short, we went to a castle (that isn't all in rubble...) and spent most of the day there so I only have a little time and I'll have to give the details next week!

Hunedoara Castle

We actually didn't do much during Ziua Aradului... there were booths set up and music but we didn't have a whole lot of time to partake in the cultural festivities.

Kelsi's MTC entrance date is my year in Romania date.

It's cooled off here a lot, too.

Hunedoara Castle

So, very briefly this week, we were super busy and it was super awesome. We had the most lessons in a week than I have had before, we also had zone conference and our President is proud of our zone and district.   We've started regular activities in the Branch that will need some time to get into the groove, we've been getting more students for English, I made a huge pot of soup for a Branch potluck (and it was delicious), we visited a castle in Hunedoara (don't worry, I took pics), and... what else.... I swear there was something I'm forgetting......


So Sora Lidia had her neighbor who wanted the smoking program, right? Her name is Maria. Well, long story very short, we were ready to teach her that, but instead we went into the Plan of Salvation when she shared her back story about her son who passed away the previous year. Well, the spirit was SO STRONG and we had another lesson with her, we taught the restoration and she wanted to be baptized, ASAP.  Just so's you know, the story is so much more in depth and beautiful than I am giving it, so I'll be going into detail next week. But, we decided with her that she will be baptized September 13th. It's the perfect time, too, for Ioana, and the elder's investigators, and the Branch, and for Maria.  So we'll be working hard cramming and preparing her in three weeks! (including the smoking program...)

Ioana is out of town for a week, and then school starts two weeks later so we're holding off on her until she'll be back in Arad for a steady schedule after school starts. But things are still going very well with her.

Okay, I'm sorry but that's all I have time for so I'll tell you more next week and I hope all goes well!

Sora Smith

All Saints Bracelets
P.S. I found the funniest thing at the store the other day... all saints bracelets are super popular here in Romania... I found one that had pictures all of cats, and I bought it.

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