Monday, August 4, 2014

First Class to Bucharest! . . . On a Sitting Car!

Well, the spider bite's healed up but it got really bad before it got good... It got all huge and purply, it grew right over my eye... it was so nasty. I'm sorry (not sorry) I didn't get a picture of it, but imagine Quasimoto without the hump and you've got the idea.

The recordings worked ! Jeff sounds a lot different. Well, not different but more skilled from the skilled he already was :) That or I just forgot how good he was since I've been gone.

Sora Cox

So transfers are happening this week, and I'll be staying in Arad with a new companion, Sora Cox in her 3rd transfer. Preece and Myler went home, so Baielli and Boydstun are staying, and we'll be getting an Elder Brown and Boydstun will be training a new missionary.

Oh, also we're getting a senior couple here in Arad. Guess what their last name is?

Did you guess?

No, seriously, guess.

THE SMITHS. I was so proud of being the only Sora Smith in Romania. I bet the office had a good laugh, "Where should we send the Smiths? Oh, I know, let's send them to Arad with Sora Smith. That would be funny." I was the only one!!!!

Anyway, this week was slow. Through all of the un-business, a lot of homesickness has crept in. It's definitely time for transfers. According to Boydstun, my new companion Sora Cox is very hard working, so I'm anxious and excited to get with her. But just so you all know, I MISS YOU VERY MUCH! I sent a letter home, so keep an eye out for that.

I've thought of a project I want to start. Like I've mentioned before, I've been very homesick lately. So I decided to start a project to help me get over the homesickness. I made a paper chain with 168 links.

Starting on August 6th, I will only have 168 days left of my mission.

I realize that normally it's a bad idea to count down something like this. But my plan is every day starting august 6th to take off a link and write on it either:

1) A reason I'm out on the mission.
2) A blessing that's come because I'm on a mission.
3) Something that I'm thankful for, or
4) Something good that happened that day.

And then stick them in a jar.

And whenever I feel really homesick, I can go back and read the links I've already written on. I feel like that could really help me get through until January without feeling too homesick. And if you'd like I can send you the 7 things I wrote for that week :)

So, the things that actually did happen this week, we met a couple times with someone from English classes, but she left to England on Sunday so we didn't get very far with her. At least she took a Book of Mormon.

We met with a few people, nothing big happened, and we met with Ioana. Ioana says she's been praying, but hasn't received an answer, but she's been coming to church every week and reading the BOM.  She's so beautiful, and I love working with her. I hope she gets an answer soon, because I really love this girl.

That's all the news. Sorry there's nothing really exciting, except that I have high hopes for this next transfer. I'm glad you were able to get answers and solutions for Daniel's hip. Do you know if he'll be going back out to Peru or not? And if his home time takes away from mission time? I'll keep praying for him and Emily and everyone that needs it :)

Anyway, transfers are this week and I'm excited to see old friends. We bought tickets but they ran out of sleepers, so cross your fingers someone revokes theirs and we can get in a sleeper car instead of sitting up all night to Bucharest.

I'll leave you all with a joke this week:
Two grave robbers were very excited when they stumbled across Mozart's grave, and began to dig for valuables. As soon as they dug a few feet down, however, they found a trap door leading to a secret room where they found Mozart alive, rubbing an eraser over sheets upon sheets of paper. When they robbers asked him what he was doing, he said, "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm decomposing!"

Ba-dum, tsh! I'll be here all week.
And for the next thirty-some odd weeks.

Sora Smith

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  1. Elder Cooper has loved the Smiths. They will be a wonderful asset to Arad!