Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Little Not As Superawesome!

Hello all,

To answer your question, yeah, since I'm in my last two transfers, and I'm training which takes two transfers, President Ivory pretty much told me I'll be staying here until I'm gone. They've started submitting proposed itineraries to SLC for my return home, the proposed itinerary has me going through Paris, so that'd be cool :)
Me and my new companion Sora Routson,
with Elders McArthur and Dunkley in front of
the Gypsy Mansion across the street from the church property

The property the church owns for building a chapel
as soon as the membership has grown large enough to build a chapel.

So this week was a little not as superawesome. But we all know that just means next week will be superMEGAawesome.

Most of the lessons of this week were bungs, so we didn't meet with as many people as I would have liked. Also I was not feeling the hottest but I trucked on through it anyway. Sometimes I just get frustrated with my body deciding that it doesn't want to work anymore so I don't listen. But I'm doing a lot better now so no worries.

We went to Sora Krnacs's house and helped her chop firewood for the coming winter. Well, the Elders actually did all the chopping. We helped her by locating mouse holes and putting poison in them because she's got a bad mouse (and rat) problem. Man, she lives in such a humble home which is literally falling apart. Like, as in it's made out of mud adobe and one wall is on the verge of collapsing. We are getting her some help for the issue to fortify her home. She was surprised the branch would/could do that for her. Well, that's what we're here for.
Helping out at Sora Kmacs
At the Boarder Crossing for Hungary near Soar Kmacs home
At the entrance to Hungary

We also went to see the Seres family, buuuut it actually didn't turn out all too well. They tried coming to church but couldn't make it, though so that's good news. For the lesson we had a member come with us, who is a great member and great for some people, but she's very passionate about... politics.  And so her with the Seres family went off arguing and we couldn't get it back on track. We ended with a brief overview of the Plan of Salvation and got the heck out of there. Man. Well, goes to show some people aren't right for everyone. Like, things are still okay with the family and all, they weren't scared away or anything. but it was rough.

We had to go to Oradea to practice singing for a Christmas concert that will be on the 6th of December. It was nice, but it took up pretty much a whole day that could have gone to good use.
Practicing for our Christmas Concert
So this week I have been studying about motivation and drive and I came across this discovery:  Pretty much any motivation can be traced to three: fear, duty, or love. Fear stems from fear of what would happen if we don't accomplish the thing we need to (Elder Doe went on a mission because he was afraid of everyone judging him if he didn't). Duty stems from an innate obligation to do what we're asked (Elder Doe is serving a mission like all young men are asked to do). Love stems from the heart to serve God and our fellowman (Elder Doe is on a mission because he wants to help his brethren by sharing the love of Christ). Obviously fear is the lowest degree and love is the highest degree of motivation. During the performance of the Atonement, Christ was faced with the duty of fulfilling what was asked of him, and when it came to drinking the dregs of the bitter cup, it was His pure love for all humankind that uttered the words when the press became too difficult, "nevertheless, Thy will be done." Another example is Captain Moroni facing the inner feuds of the Nephites when he wrote the title of liberty. What he wrote was all a reminder to the Nephites about where their motives need to lie - not in fear of defeat by the Lamanites (or themselves), not even in duty to their government to protect their land, but for their families, children, freedom, and God. For love. So yeah. That was all pretty cool I thought.
Emailing our Families
Family Home Evening at our Meeting House in Arad

That was this week. I'm just so grateful for all the huge life lessons I get out here and learning where my priorities and motives have to lie. Seeing all the things I've seen, I know first of all how much I took for granted, well, everything. Second of all, I know better what is most important in life. Love, family, God, gratitude, charity, service... which, in reality, I just said the same word six times :)

Have a good week

Sora Smith

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