Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sora Mom

Well, my dressing up as a cat this Halloween is not nearly as creative as your costumes, especially the Anna one I thought was great.

So as far as convincing my new companion that the Smiths were my parents ... well hahaha, I totally had her going until I was talking to another missionary at the train station and let slip something that didn't work with my "parents" being on a mission..... so it didn't last very long and my comp won't forget it :) hahaha totally worth it.

Our new district and my new companion Sora Routsen in front of a gypsy mansion
The fence around the property the church owns
for building a chapel as soon as the branch is big enough.
It is across the street from the gypsy mansion.

I got my package! Thank you for the new clothing, I'll have to make good use of it these last few months.

Yeah the Smiths have another page - it's called something along the lines of "Family and friends of the Romanian/ Moldovan mission" and it's a private group so you'll have to request to be in it. There's like, tons of photos of me on it so you'll love it I'm sure.

So... okay this week was awesome and tiring and normal. And I'm afraid this email is going to have to be a bit shorter than usual, so here's the Readers Digest version.

We tried meeting with people so Sora Cox could say goodbye, but no one could meet so the transfer kind of ended anticlimactically. Then we went to Bucharest. I saw lots of people. I got a new companion. DUN DUN DUN her name is Sora Routson from Oregon. AND guess what? Her birthday is November 29 (although she wouldn't believe that was my birthday too because of that prank I tried to pull on her.) But after a flash of my driver's license, we started planning how the end of this month is gonna turn out.

Heading to Bucharest for Transfers

Trip to Bucharest for transfers

Sora Routson and I writing emails home

Okay, so we've been working hard and had three investigators at church: Ioana, and the parents of the Seres family. And we have all these people we're working with but those three are worth mention for this short email. Working hard, doing well, and getting ready for super cold weather.

We made a goal to get 40 people at church by the end of this month. We've been averaging 15-20 people over the past three months, so it'll be a push but it'll be awesome when it happens.

We celebrated Halloween with the district and Ioana carving pumpkins. After the super awesome pumpkin I carved for the party last week (you'll get a picture, I promise...) I was out of creative juice to do something cool so Sora Smith and I made a snowman out of pumpkins.

Speaking of snow, thank goodness none yet but it's been cold enough.

We went to Lipova today. Again. But the Smiths and I were the only ones who've gone so it was cool.

I think that's all the big details of this week, sorry I'm just really tired and so this email is lame. Hiking up a mountain can really take it out of you, lol. That and just being a missionary in general. Anyway.

I hope everything turns out well, sorry to hear that Daniel won't be making it back out but really, God doesn't command us to do something we can't do so he's in the right place. Also, was that Lindsay with him? Did she go to Orem High? because I saw her and I'm like I have no idea who that is, hahaha. Well I have to remember 800 thousand people in Romania so all of you are foreigners to me.

And tell Kaylee and Evalee to stop growing, seriously I keep telling people they're 1 and 2 years old and them I'm like, wait, that's not right anymore...


Sora Mom Smith (because I'm the mom of this whole district.)

P.S. I forgot to mention that November 1st was Ziua Mortilor (Day of the Dead), and so we took advantage of that to go contacting and ask people "What do you do on Ziua Mortilor?" and it opened the door up for a conversation about the Plan of Salvation and such. it was awesome.

P.P.S.  Haha I ALSO forgot to mention, when I got into the mission home to have a trainers meeting before getting my new missionary, I walk in and some of the Senior Sisters were making dinner and one sees me and goes, "OH! This is 'The Voice'," and they all had me sing for them for a minute. Apparently they've been talking about me... and requesting for me to go to Bucharest so they can listen to me sing all the time.   We'll be having a Christmas concert in Oradea and Sora Geambasu wants me to sing that for it...

Trainer's Meeting

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