Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter in Timisoara!

Hello all,

To answer a few questions: Arad is about 1-2 hour train ride from Timi, and it's the zone headquarters so yeah, most zone events are over there. And no, werewolf we just played in Timi for FHE :) and we'll probably play it again today.

During interviews we're usually asked things like, "How are you? Are you getting along with your companion? Have you quit smoking those cigars yet?" Just to kind of give Pres the gist of what's going on in little old Timisoara :)

I haven't gotten the package yet, I probably won't until transfers. But it's cool, it just means I get to celebrate Easter twice.

I am feeling loads better. I had started a slight fever last week but I still felt good so I went along and even played a ton of sports with the elders. I guess that wasn't very smart because that evening my fever was at 102 and I ended up staying in all day Tuesday. I rested, sweated, and even got permission to watch a couple of movies so that was fun, haha. I still went to English and FHE but I made sure not to contact anyone.

But by Wednesday morning it was down to 99 again, so we tried doing more but still took it easy. I felt good, though. We met with one member who made us this yummy cake with pudding and whipped cream... and it was seriously one of the best things I've tasted in Romania hah..

On Thursday we had district meeting, and we got a surprise visit from the ZL's who, when making their way to do exchanges in Oradea, got onto the wrong train and ended up in Timisoara instead. So after the meeting, Sora Hunt, Lee, and I went to Sora Mitin's daughter's house, because her daughter wanted us to continue to read to her son and Sora Mitin's grandson, Claudiu. That was cool. Then we went out to eat with all the Elders, as per usual when there's an exchange.

Friday we couldn't do a whole lot, because everyone in Romania is so busy getting ready for Easter. Easter is just as big as Christmas here. Everywhere was closed and we had no one show up for kid's English. We really just had institute, but all three girls came, even Elida who hasn't shown up for a while.

Easter Bunny sitting in a nest
Egg Dispensing Machine

Saturday morning we got up early to (surprise!) greet the new senior couple. We had only been told that they were coming here the day before, so that's exciting. This is the Hunt's last transfer, so we're glad the couple was sent here. They are really great and friendly so I'm excited.

Waiting to greet the new Senior Couple coming in on the train
We had to take two trips to transport all of us

We took Sora Alston to find some langosi while waiting
Success, we found a langosi stand, they are all over in Romania

Later we teach English class, which only Damaris and Edina show up because it's the day before Easter. So by English class I mean we talked about Romanian and American school systems for an hour. It was fun.

Then for the spiritual thought after English, we got an Easter video started when there's a huge CRASH-SHATTER from the church window and we're like, they've found the Mormons! One of our windows had been shattered, by a rock or something? But splattered on the window looked like mashed potato. The elders run outside to see where the culprit went. And then we notice, there are feathers in this potato. That's not potato. And, on the outside of the church, a dead, decapitated pigeon lied there in a pool of ketchup. I guess he wanted to hear the church message about Christ really bad, he failed to notice that GLASS IS NOT ENTER-ABLE. AND IS VERY SHARP WHEN BROKEN.

And then we went out to lunch. We stayed away from anything potato. We got permission to watch a movie for Easter, so we watched the Fantastic Mr. Fox. again. I can't get enough of that movie, it's so funny. Then we kind of hang out until midnight because we had midnight mass at the cathedral! We all bought candles, and as part of the Mass the priest lights his candle and passes the flame to the next person, and everyone is passing around the flame candle to candle saying, "Hristos a inviat! Adevarat, a inviat!" until everyone is lit. We then stood outside and watched the sermon, burning our candles out. It was awesome. BUT MY CANDLE BURNT OUT SO FAST by the time we took pictures, I had no candle left haha.

Going to Easter Mass
People gathering for Easter Mass
Picture of the Savior at the Mass

The Priest at the Mass
Each person lights the next person's candle
Our group with our candles, mine was already burned out
All of our district with candles

Sunday we had church, and because I'm mean I roped all the missionaries into singing an Easter song in sacrament meeting. I also spent all three hours translating for Sora Alston (the new couple) and that was good Romanian practice for me. Until she bore her testimony and I said "I am I thank that to be here" and Elder Speyer won't let me live that one down. I mean, he did say that the first step of the gospel is "repentance in Jesus Christ" the same day, so we all make mistakes.

Some of the members made us colored eggs to crack. In Romania you can hold a competition where you hit your eggs against each other and the one that doesn't break is the winner. Also, in Romania during Easter time, the greeting changes. Instead of just "good day" or whatever, everyone says "Isus a inviat!" (Jesus was resurrected) and you respond with "Adevarat a inviat!" (It's true, he was resurrected!) It's really cool. Everyone does it. Later we all had dinner at the Hunts with the Alstons. It was a lot of fun.

 Monday the Oradea and Arad missionaries came to Timi to play laser tag. Unfortunately the place was closed for Easter, so they were all stuck in Timi ha,ha. The Internet place was closed, too, so that's why I'm writing a day late. So we ended up going to the park to play more soccer and basketball. The elders also tried a lot of slacklining... Later we all went to another soccer game! Poli Timisoara vs. Cluj. Timi lost again... But! We got to see the elder's investigator, Wilson Kneeshaw play. It was pretty awesome. Kneeshaw singled Morby out in the audience, I'm pretty sure that made his whole mission.

And that's this week.

Easter is a great holiday. Isn't it so perfect that it's celebrated in springtime? Just after the earth life has slept over the winter, the flowers and grass come out again. I love the energy and refreshing-ness of spring.

I don't like the bugs, though.

I love you all! Have a good week!

Sora Smith

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