Monday, April 28, 2014

Ce s-ar întâmpla dacă aș scrie mesajul meu complet în românește?

Translation of title: 
What would happen if I write my message completely in Romanian?
Some headaches and angry readers, that's for sure.

Well, I got the Easter package! The Hunts went to a leadership meeting and were able to bring it back from there. Thanks a ton! The clothes fit perfect, too, and are really cute. I wore them on Sunday and got some compliments.

Our District at Pizza Hut

Getting to hold a bunny for Easter!

Transfers are still a couple weeks away, on May 14th. So Mothers Day happens before then! What time do you want to set up? My companion says her family is really flexible, so it's really up to you. Are we going to try to get both me and Daniel at the same time? We have the Hunts to use their computers so that will be nice.

Family Home Evening, we had a lot of people show up this week!

I read Daniel's email and couldn't help but giggle. The ward that he described is basically every single branch here in Romania. The missionaries run everything, pretty much. Well, brother I HEAR YOU. Lol, it's hard, but you can do hard things! Plus you get really close with all the other missionaries in your districts because you're working with them so much. It's not too bad once you get used to how things run differently.

Me and my companion with our candles at Easter Mass. 
Mine was still lit in this picture
My makeshift "candle" after my other one burnt out
My makeshift candle
We were all out past hours . . . Whoops!

Fantastic Mr. Fox is an American movie, actually. In fact I saw it once a long time ago at Taft's house. But I had to go home right before the best part so I forgot about it. Oh gosh, it's so funny. It looks so stupid, made with stop animation puppets and super cheap budget. But it's probably now one of my favorite movies.

Sick day last week!

Kelsi is going to Jacksonville, that's so funny, and isn't that also where her now brother in law served? It's a sign! And I'm so happy!! Nate's planning on going, HE SHOULD COME TO ROMANIA!!!!! I'll be waiting for him.

Haha, Happy birthday to everyone! I'm saying this for everyone all year this year, too, because I'm sorry, I am so bad at remembering birthdays. Generic birthday message. La mulți ani cu sănătate, ceva ceva, și fericire, am uitat toate cuvinte, la mulți ani să traiesc! (That's the Romanian birthday song but I actually forgot some of the words, oops. I'll have to sing it to you for Mother's Day, it's crazy.)

This week was a little boring, no pigeons breaking windows or blowing up ovens to report. Sora Lee caught a little bit of my fever so we were in all day Wednesday. Thursday we were out again and had district meeting and Elder Middlebrook had the Alstons taste his vegemite. He called us in the morning to suggest we bake them brownies to cleanse the flavor out of their mouths. I think he secretly knows vegemite is disgusting, lol.

Sick day, permission to watch Disney Movies

I also hit my nine month mark on Wednesday. I partied.
Not really, I would have partied, but I was too tired. Being a missionary sometimes does that to you.

Friday I made more brownies. They've been turning out really well lately. I gotta say, baking food in Romania is really hard because all the ingredients are just different enough to throw everything off and I haven't been able to bake anything like I used to. It's frustrating. But I think I adjusted the brownie recipe enough that they're almost as good as when I make them at home.

I also ended up cutting Elder Morby's hair, he was getting shaggy. Let's just leave that with cutting Sora Merkley's went a lot better. In a week it will look pretty dang good, though. Lol.

About to cut his hair... lol, trashbag for keeping his shirt hair free.
It didn't work. It just looked silly.
It'll grow back, right?

Then no one showed up for Institute, even the Hunts and Alstons were out at the opera house. So us missionaries just sat and ate all the brownies.

Missionary life.

Saturday we had English and we had a really good turnout, especially compared to the two and three that have been coming the past classes. Now that the Easter holidays are over, people are less occupied.

Then us missionaries with the three girls and Wilson Kneeshaw went to play soccer. Wilson is the professional soccer player on the Timisoara team. I was ready to make a fool of myself. But when we get to the turf, it's already taken by some people. But it's totally street soccer, teams of 5 switching in and out so the elders with Wilson and a random Romanian guy team up and play street soccer against all these other Romanians.. it was exciting and Wilson totally showed them up, it was fun to watch. And our little England-Australian-American-Texan-Romanian team actually won a few games, it was cool!

Let me explain this next photo .... yes, that's my purse.... yes, those are a couple of joints in the pocket.  When we were playing soccer one p-day, a young romanian kid comes over and asks to play with us. He has his phone and keys, so he asks if he can keep his stuff with our stuff to stay safe.

Lol, this is what happened..........

Sunday I translated for Sora Alston again. I like getting to do that, it's good Romanian practice. And she doesn't mind when I have to say sometimes, "I totally didn't catch that." "Nope, didn't understand that one." or "I have no idea what naldojges means."

Then I got to spend the rest of church in primary. Familia Tamas moved to Spain, but Familia Ungreanu has come back from Italy and they have the cutest two little girls, so we have a primary again! We talked about being thankful for trees and grass and flowers.

Springtime in Timisoara

I am thankful for trees. Trees are nice. And flowers. And bushes. And carrots. And pineapples. I don't really care for mushrooms, though.

Reading to Claudiu, Sora Mitin's grandson

Yeah, that's like, all that happened. Not too exciting. I got to play volleyball with a professional soccer player, though. And "hang out" with him, I guess that deserves something. Some day he'll be super famous and I can say, "hey, I like, spent a Saturday in Romania with that guy," and everyone will be jealous. 

Or not.

Have a good week everyone, and nobody get hit by cars.

But if you do happen to get hit by a car, try going to institute anyway.

Sora Smith

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