Monday, April 7, 2014

I Can See Again!

Hello everyone,

I got the new glasses and they've been working great for me. The total came to just under 600 lei, so that's just under $200 so the money you gave me was perfect. My prescription has gotten worse, so it's probably a good thing I got new ones now...

Apparently Edina has two broken ribs... why she didn't recognize this sooner, I don't know. And she still walks around like a normal person, haha. She was telling me how she'll survive the apocalypse, even if her heart is outside her body, she'll survive. And I'm inclined to believe that.

So on Monday night, Ormsby cooks us all this roast. No need to double check, you read that right. He cooked a roast for our Goodbye Dinner.   Anyway, Elder Ormsby and Montoya left Monday night and I've missed them since. They became some of my best friends on the mission.  

On Tuesday we got to meet with Victoria again, the girl testing into Cambridge. She's doing well, and we gave her a nice thought but she's not really progressing at all and I wish we would have talked about something more... in-depth and can help her progress. She's become an "eternal investigator" and nothing's going to happen with her unless she can take a BOM. What's keeping her from it, I don't know.

We went contacting and made our way to the temple.  Proof that plagiarism is big in Romania lol. Picture attached.  (Nicole forgot to send the picture, so maybe we will see what this is next week).

We also had FHE, and I started my quest to beating Elder Morby at ping pong. We have a 15 game limit. If I can beat him ONCE, I get to paint his nails and he has to keep it for 24 hours. If He beats me in all 15 games, I have to eat a vegemite sandwich.

Sister Hunt took this Photo of our New Elders, Elder Speyer (Our DL)
and Elder Morby after playing Ping Pong

Wednesday we borrowed Sora Hunt's guitar and tried sing contacting... the thing is, no one was really outside so it didn't work. We'll have to try again another day... when there's more people outside.

Later we had a lesson with Dalia, the 10 year old girl. Her English is constantly getting better every time. I just want to get her dad more involved and really investigating. I want him to meet with the elders. Lol but things don't always work out the way you want them to and it works a lot of patience :)

We also surprise visited our Elders and we ended up getting dinner. It was kind of sad... because most missionaries were down in Buch on transfer day... I missed getting to see everyone :( Oh well, another six weeks and MAYBE I WILL

Thursday, (Happy birthday Lara and Daniel!), we went to seminary and two of the girls came with us! We had to walk the entire way, though. Normally, Elder Hunt gives us a ride because it's kind of far out there, but since there were more of us, we walked.  Afterward, we took the new Elders to get that yummy cocoa.

Friday we had district meeting with Speyer as our new DL.  It was different. What's weird is this is the fourth new DL in a row for Timi, it's kind of crazy.

So on Friday we had kid's English. Claudiu hasn't been coming, but these other two siblings have and it's been fun. We went over "who, what, when, where, blah blah blah."  Then I taught institute and all three of the girls were there! I felt like Elida kind of fell off the face of the planet for a while.

Saturday we did "slackline contacting."  Which is exactly what it sounds like. Elder Speyer is a... how do you say it, slackliner? He ties a line between two trees, does a little circus stunt, and hey, people are stopping and talking to us.

Then we throw a little surprise party for Sora Hunt's birthday. I baked a cake, we had party hats balloons and everything.

Then in the evening we got to watch conference live. The Saturday Morning Session, anyway. Unfortunately (and by that I mean fortunately), there was no live Romanian translator so we had to watch it in English... oh darn.

Sunday we watched the Saturday afternoon session and I saw both Adam and Jeff and a ton of people I know! I got excited and fell off my chair... maybe more than once. Then we watched Sunday morning live. I have yet to watch the Sunday afternoon. I made rootbeer. It was tasty.

Today we ate out with the Elders and went bowling. I'm not good at bowling at all. BUT I SCORED 112!!!! Which is pretty good. For me.

And now we're to... well, now.  I'm sitting in an Internet Cafe listening to smooth jazz music and writing my family home.

The end.

Psych, you probably want to know more about the new Elders.  Elder Speyer is from Texas, he plays golf, and slacklines. He's one transfer above me.  Elder Middlebrook is from Australia and I'm going to be honest, I have a hard time understanding his humor.  He fed us all vegemite. Gosh, it's so nasty. He's two transfers above me.

Anyway, that's this week. I'm still alive. And in Timi.


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